Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pixel jam in space

Concept idea about designing your own space station or space ship, adding turrets, shields, power grid etc just by drawing shit pixel by pixel. A stripped down version of EVE online as to say. More info is not coming soon.

How i program plz tell

Download the 3dBuzz C++ video tutorials and watch them. That is all actually.

"i wunt to make gaems plz tell".
Do the above and download SFML from

Project Space Station 13 C++

As some of you(very few) know, there is a game called Space Station 13
It is genoius, but since it's so massive and genious, the server lags alot, since it's a scripted game.
So I've decided to remake this marvelous game in C++ using a component based entity design, and a sector based network code(I made this name up) to manage the map and the thousands of entities.

Lua support will be added for further mod development YES.

School started. Projects incoming.

So my game programming school started and I already have a lot of ideas in mind, since I have about 3 years of experience in C++ as a hobbyist in game making this will be easy. I'll be posting updates on any projects I work on. And I hope you will find this interesting, as a student's developing mind is an interesting read. YES.